About Leeds Group PLC

Leeds Group plc has been established for more than a century, and is incorporated in England and Wales under Company Number 67863. Its principal country of operation is Germany.

For most of its history, the Group has been mainly engaged in textile processing, specialising in fabric printing and yarn dyeing, and by 1996 had manufacturing operations in UK, Holland and Italy.

In recent years, the European textile manufacturing industry has contracted, with an ever-increasing proportion of European textile consumption being sourced from the low wage economies of the Far East. In response, Leeds Group has ceased all manufacturing activities and is today totally focused on the import and sale throughout the world of fabric imported chiefly from the Far East.

Leeds Group’s trading operations are conducted by Hemmers-Itex Textil Import Export GmbH. Hemmers is based in Nordhorn, Germany and has a Chinese subsidiary based in Shanghai.

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